Congratulations to all of our new and Promoted Black Belts!

Posted by Ben on June 18, 2018 under Events, News | Be the First to Comment

The PSKK held a very successful and exciting Black Belt test last weekend! Congratulations to all of our new 1st degree black belts:

  • Angela Buonanno
  • Isabella Buonanno
  • Hasala Rannulu
  • Victoria Spuckti
  • Carl Schmidt
  • Omkar Zope

Congratulations to our newly-promoted 2nd degree black belts:

  • William Smith
  • William Sherman
  • Alex Rubin
  • Elizabeth Billman

Congratulations to our newly-promoted 3rd degree black belts:

  • Stanford Feinberg
  • Benjamin Romer

Congratulations to our new 4th degree junior masters:

  • Robert DeCrescente
  • Mario Calderone

And finally, congratulations to our new 5th degree master:

  • Edward Corsey, Jr.

I will be adding pictures, videos, and other media to this post as I receive it. If  you have anything to share, please send it in! 🙂 

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