Complete Success At The Black Belt Test!

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I’m very happy to announce that all of our black belt test candidates passed and have been promoted! It was a thrilling test, with many exceptionally difficult board breaks, and top-notch sparring and forms performances across all levels. I will be updating this post with pictures and video as I receive them, so check back soon for highlights from the test! And, if you’d like to have your pictures or video of the test posted, please contact me and I’ll add it to the collection!

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The PSKK Store at Kelly’s Sports Is Open

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For the next 24 days you can pick up PSKK logo t-shirts, hoodies, or a duffel bag from our page at Kelly’s Sports!

Photos from Tiny Tigers & Youth Karate Test!

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At the end of each session at the YMCA, we like to have a test to allow the children to demonstrate their growth both to the instructors and to their parents. Here are some highlights from the tests! A big thank you to everyone who contributed photos from the test and if you have pictures you’d like featured on the site, please email them to me and I will add them to the collection! 🙂

Tiny Tigers

photo 5photo 4photo 3photo 2photo 1

Youth Karate


Saturday Feb. 15 Black Belt Class at Lionville Cancelled (kind of)

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Due to yet another impending snowstorm, the black belt class for tomorrow, February 15, has been cancelled; however, if the YMCA is open, and if weather permits, Master Pete Toto will be available from 10:30AM to Noon if you would like to practice Hapkido, and Master Instructor Noam Oz will be available for Taekwondo training for the upcoming test. If you do choose to attend, please drive safely and don’t forget to contact the Lionville YMCA before leaving to make sure they’re open!

Saturday Black Belt Candidate Class Schedule

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Our master instructors will be conducting special Saturday classes for additional training and evaluation of our black belt candidates. All black belt candidates should attend these classes. Unless otherwise noted, these classes will be held from 10:30AM until noon at the Lionville YMCA training room. The dates of these classes are:

  • December 14th
  • January 11th, at the colored belt test in the UMLY Johnson Room. Black Belt candidates will be expected to demonstrate their forms during the test.
  • February 15th
  • March 22nd
  • April 12th

The weekly Saturday Hapkido classes will continue to be held on the Saturdays not listed above, and will remain at 10:30AM in the Lionville YMCA training room.

No Lionville classes July 4, 6, and 13

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There will be no Taekwondo class on July 4th, and no advanced Saturday classes on July 6th or 13th, at the Lionville YMCA school. Have a safe and exciting Independence Day weekend!

Sign up and Get Access to e-PSKK

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Dear PSKK Members and Friends:

We are pleased to introduce a new resource available to PSKK members and friends. e-PSKK is your mobile companion to your martial arts study. A supplement to your weekly class instruction, this new resource includes:

  • The history of martial arts, Tae Kwon Do, Chung Do Kwan and the Philadelphia School of Korean Karate, founded by Grandmaster Richard M. Sand in 1967
  • Photos and descriptions of stances, blocks, strikes and kicks
  • Photos and descriptions of white through senior level black belt forms
  • 3-step and 1-step sparring
  • Knife-defense

This subscription-based tool is available for $125. To receive your e-PSKK Mobile Companion, complete the attached registration form and submit it along with payment. Checks are acceptable but cash is preferred. Checks can be made out to Steve Sciscione or Andy Buechner. Once registered, your logon and password will be emailed to you. Your subscription will be continuous. Videos of forms and 1-steps will be added on an on-going basis to enhance the site.

I think you will find this an informative and useful tool. Forms and payment can be submitted to your instructor.

Best regards,

Andy Buechner

You can download the e-PSKK Registration Form from our website.

Congratulations on a Successful Black Belt Run!

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I am very happy to announce that yesterday’s Black Belt Run was a great success! Every candidate completed the 8.65 mile run at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. With that major milestone reached, we can look forward to the big test itself. Great job, everyone, and keep it up, you’re almost there! 🙂

Announcing the PSKK Memorial Scholarships for 2013

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This year we are pleased to offer the Philadelphia School of Korean Karate Memorial Scholarships. These scholarships are in memory of our deceased black belt PSKK members. They include: Sean DiObilda, Nick Mullin, Wilber Wamsley, John Hurley, Dr. Robert Jenkins Clark and Duk Sung Son. As you know our PSKK students organized a very successful fund raising event this year and Grandmaster Richard Sand will award the scholarships at our January 19th Black Belt examination at the UMLY.

The criteria to apply are that you must be a current PSKK brown or black belt student and demonstrate your interest by answering the questions below. These scholarship funds are to be used by the recipients to further their education. The deadline for the applications is January 4th,2013. Please respond by e-mail to Headmaster Steve Sciscione at

1.Why do you believe we should select you as a recipient for this scholarship?

2.How would you plan to spend the scholarship award?

Please keep your response to three or four paragraphs. We look forward to your submissions and the opportunity to award these scholarships.

Lionville Kids and Adult Class Cancelled for Tonight

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Due to the Lionville YMCA being without power thanks to Hurricane Sandy, there will be no Kids or Adult Karate class tonight, October 30.